Food and Fuel Consultants

My name is Christa Roth and I am a German Food and Fuel Consultant who assists worldwide on a demand-basis to develop locally appropriate efficient technologies for cooking or other uses of heat, based on locally available renewable solid biomass fuels.
My biomass energy work started in a food security context in Malawi in 1997, where I found out quickly, that cooking energy security is a core precondition for food security. Cooking energy is vital for survival, especially in rural areas of developing countries without access to ready-cooked food from supermarkets or restaurants.

In all my work I put the users and producers at the center of any technology development, so that users can get what they want
and can afford and local producers can create a sustainable business from the technologies produced with locally available
materials, tools and skills. My background on empirical research and statistics helps to find out what users what.
My ultimate goal is to create a healthy market with sustainable supply and demand of technologies and sustainably grown
climate-friendly renewable biomass fuels that truly ‘leave no-one behind’ .
With likeminded people I support the

Malawi, the ‘Warm heart of Africa’, is still my main focus country and I am fortunate to have been able to work with inspiring
teams on amazing opportunities that lead to a good track record of units sold: In Malawi alone >900,000 portable Chitetezo
Mbaula stoves for household cooking, >20,000 metal Rocket and Mayankho Stoves for institutions, >10,000 barns for tobacco
curing to name the most important ones. More recently I started a partnership to develop the ‘Chitofu 3-in-1’, an innovative
integrated solution for parboiling, frying and smoking of fish.
Example of ‘Stoves101’

Presentation of Chitofu 3 in 1 at the Think Tank Event